The Weight of a Hockey Puck

A hockey puck is approximately 6 ounces according to the NHL’s regulations standards. This converts to about 170 grams using the metric system. The Olympic Games and other international hockey competitions use a six-ounce puck.

Although a hockey puck’s form is evident to the eye, many don’t know its weight. This article will show you how heavy a hockey puck is, its dimensions and size, as well as the history of the game.


They were wrapping friction tape on a hockey stick in the days before wooden sticks were an effective way to prevent it from melting ice and keep it from warping.

How to do proper hockey hitting

We have listed the steps required to make the right hits in hockey. Let’s take a look.

Make sure your speed is nearly the same as that of the puck carrier. The opposing player is moving at the same speed as the puck carrier.

What does "A" in hockey jerseys refer to?

An alternative captain is identified by the letter “A” on a hockey jersey. You might wonder what an alternate captain is in hockey.

How many alternate captains can you find on a hockey team, too? Curious!

This is the case when it comes to hockey’s alternative captains. Alternative captains are responsible for leading the team during games.


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