What are hits or hitting in hockey? (Explained!)

A hit or hitting in hockey refers to a player being able to make physical contact with another player who is holding the puck. The puck must be returned to the owner of the connection.

Hits/hitting has long been an integral part of hockey and has been harshly criticized by many. However, some people enjoy hitting as an aspect of hockey. You should be able to tell NHL players and fans how and when hitting or checking is done in the heat of the game. You don't have to hit aggressively or violently. You need to make sure you are checking the other players at the correct time.

How to do proper hockey hitting

We have listed the steps required to make the right hits in hockey. Let's take a look.

Step 1: Make sure your speed is nearly the same as that of the puck carrier. The opposing player is moving at the same speed as the puck carrier. You will likely miss the opponent player if you are slower than him in motion. If you are slower than your opponent in action, you will most likely miss him, which can lead to you being out of position and putting your team at risk. You'll also find it harder to control your hitting if you travel faster than your opponent.

Step 2: Take the correct path to the opposing team. If a wing attempts to enter the offensive zone, a defenseman should keep his body between the net & the branch.

Step 3: Be able to quickly decide whether or not to make contact with the offensive player who has passed the puck. It is not permitted to hit any player with the puck.

Step 4 Before hitting a player, evaluate the player's relationship with the boards. It is illegal to touch a player if they are defenseless or cannot see you coming. Hockey players cannot hit vulnerable players. You will be punished if you are found guilty of shooting a weak player while trying to check him for possession of the puck. By pinning the opponent against the boards, you will ensure that he can't have control of the puck.

Terms of the Game

We have selected some related terms to hockey. Let's take a look!


This happens when a player places himself between the ball and an opponent player.

Flagrant Foul

Any foul or dangerous play. The player inflicting the offense is given a red card and expelled from the game.

Give and Go

A passing strategy in which the player passes the ball to his teammates and then immediately skates for a return pass.

Reverse Stick

To make a clean hit, players must turn the stick so that it points to the right.


Players use their peripheral vision to evaluate options when they have the ball.


This is a team tactic that helps score more points. Set plays are usually practiced before the game. They include free hits, long corners, and short corners.

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